For you and our cool little town St. Gallen. For this we have launched “without mustard”. So you always know where in the city something is going on. For what would the city be without its inhabitants? We love St. Gallen and live here. Monika, who has moved back to the Gallus city after a few years of traveling the world, and Sonja, who has lived in the „provincial city“ for over 9 years, calls herself St. Gallen through and through. Come to stay is our motto. This is just the beginning and more is coming, let yourself be surprised!

ohne Senf – which means „without mustard“. The “culinary pride of St.Gallen” was grilled over a fire for the first time in 1438, patented 300 years later than the “Olma” Bratwurst. The special version of the extremely delicate white sausage in its crispy brown coat. The tast is so delicat that you don’t need any other extra. So this is why you HAVE to eat this sausage without mustard. Never ever ask for mustard for your sausage in St. Gallen!

The veal is enriched with bacon, various spices and fresh milk. Everyone knows the ingredients, but it is the mix that makes all the difference. The recipe is kept under lock and key of each butcher. After all, at the end of the day, in order to earn its entry in the Guinness Book of Records with a 1,293 metre long “Olma” Bratwurst during the 70’s, sixty St. Gallen butchers agreed on a prescription which involved the preparation of a total of 1,000 kg of feedstock, including plenty of fresh milk.

Cheers! Monika & Sonja

Veranstaltungskalender St. Gallen

Picture: Daniel Luther