Changemaker Tour

What brings up a smile on your face?
Aren’t those the small things that bring joy to your soul? What about the beauty of the things that surround us? This can be also a wish to be able to maintain this and implicitly protect the world around us. Everyone wants this actually … but the question that comes to mind is how one can bring his or her own contribution to this or even support it at least. Join us on the tour and experience the city with its sustainable offers. The union of St. Gallen Es wird., a union concerned with a sustainable future has put together this awesome tour for you. Off we go now!

But in style please …

“Fashion can be bought but style comes from within” states Bligg (a Swiss singer). Okay, you already have that, right? We shall bring that out then. The boutique Goldmarie in the old part of the town of St. Gallen will help you achieve that. Browse through clothes and accessories that are both second-hand and designed by Swiss artists who have just been initiated to the business – thanks to the fact that you have a wide range of articles and by means of intuition, personal assistance and creative events, you will surely find a lot of things that will help you highlight your personal style. That way you will not be wearing fashionable pieces of clothing but you will be displaying your OWN fashion choices. Moreover, you will be doing this all the while contributing to a sustainable environment. How was that … you kill 2 birds with one stone? Anyhow, it’s a cool thing!

… while enjoying it also

Being concerned about the well being of the environment and wanting to do right by it is a valuable idea. Let’s start with you though. How do you treat yourself? Before you join this tour, you should grab something to charge your batteries – something that naturally will reflect on your views on life. Here I come with a special tip: the Patisserie g’nuss! You can find there light patisserie products which are lower on fats, contain less calories and sugar – every baked good is made in-house with high quality ingredients from carefully selected suppliers adding to that pure love. The Patissier Stefan Bischof is supervising closely the origin and baking of them which is why he travels more often to his suppliers. Enjoying it with g’nuss – the light difference!

Shopping while making an impact

You can shop while contributing to sustainability in the small store of the foundation Stiftung ibbo, the Dreamcatcher Charity Shop, located in the neighbourhood of the monasteries. This shop was built by Felix Rütsche with great personal and financial investment as well as sacrifices. Apart from the colourful gift articles you can also find souvenirs of St. Gallen. The help organisation ibbo is making its impact in the education field in Nepal. Through their extensive experience und their contribution they have made a comittment and you can support their efforts by making a purchase in their shop.

Pedal in a sustainble fashion

So, how shall we cover the distance of this tour? By car is out of the question … but maybe by bike?
Riding a bike spares the environment and hey – you can see taut calves on the way – ohlala! So, off you go and take your bike out of the cellar. And in case of age – related problems or any other issues that your bike might suffer from, head right to VeloFlicki. That is THE store! There you can have any bicycle which is as good as useless, repaired. And yes, you can also find new, high quality bicycles for sale – Sandy, Steff and the team will gladly offer you a piece of advice. Fair prices, top service and the know-how as well as a laid-back atmosphere! What more could you ask for?

Cheese – as far and wide as the nose can smell

It is time again to not only be chased around on this tour but to indulge your tastebuds again. Time to eat! Are yo hungry for a fancy plate full of apperitifs but a really refined Ego-Gourmet plate? This is known also as to know how to live. Come with us to Chäslaube Kündig, it is there where cheese turns into an experience. No matter what you prefer, you can find anything and everything here: from amazingly mildly-flavoured to condimental and recent ones – whatever your heart desires. However, the choice of cheese is not the only impressive aspect about this family business because here you can find further delicacies: antipasti, wine and spirits, pasta, panettone … but I better let you be inspired and leave you with a: “Bon appetit!”