Lady of the Day Tour


Honestly, there are few days of the year when one can pamper oneself and let oneself be pampered and feel good about it from dawn til dusk … these days are usually birthdays, Valentine’s Day or at most the day of the 3 Kings. As usual, one can count these days on one hand and that is why we are adding one more day to these and that is TODAY! You are the „Lady of the day“.

Celebrate your uniqueness

Yes, today it is all about you. But you should tell yourself that on a daily basis. Come on, we are going on a search for you to find a memory attached to this new motto. There plenty of reasons to wear pieces of jewellery, your reason is „think about it“. In the workshop of Atelier of Bolli Goldschmied on the Multergasse street you can find unique jewellery, as unique as your feminity! And if you mention them that you are on the Tour of the Ladies, you will receive a glass of Prosecco also.

Something else for you

We have checked the jewellery for a piece of jewellery (yes, by that we mean you), now all we need is something pretty to go with it. Just so you know, your feet are being meant … what were you thinking about? Inside the shoe store Schneider Schuhe located in the heart of the town, your feet will be perfectly elevated. The oldest shoe house of Switzerland has been founded in 1832 but was always up to date with the latest fashion trends of course. What? You have enough shoes? Out of the question. You can never have too many shoes in your closet, maybe not enough of them. The regrets can be kicked around the corner because according to a renowned research man or perhaps it was a research lady, shoes are just means of transportation from the animal kingdom. Of course this was proved beyond any shadow of a doubt. So prove this to your heart by buying another pair to keep your collection company!

Beauty also comes from within!

Is hunger knocking on the door? Are you ready for a feast? Yes, yes, I know … a feast comes with an insane amount of calories and it is anyway not a must. But a feast can mean also eating something light, healthy and fresh and you do not have to stay at home in your kitchen for that, you can have all that at Schiffchuchi. With their diverse offer of salads, soups, Muesli, sandwiches and juices you can take care of yourself in a healthy way. A Cupcake made inhouse is definitely coming with that because they are truly delicious! Do not forget though: who are you today? „Lady of the Day!“

Take advantage at the Schiffchuchi of a free Chuchi icetea by making a purchase over the amount of 10 CHF!