Find Your Luck Tour

Are you up for a dose of luck? Well, you probably would not say no … are you in? Ready, steady, go! Let’s go in search of your luck (yeah, sometimes you have to go find it yourself if it does not find you).

Has the lucky virus infected you already?

For everyone who is going on a stroll with kith and kin or who is simply going out, there are the so called „Carvelos“ also known as the bicycles designed to support extra weight. When adults and children get to meet these special bicycles and get infected by their luck virus, they want to do it again and again because riding them does not only offer only a lot of fun but it also offers a lot of flexibility while at the same time keeping you fit- happiness on the go. But for the rider of the said bicycle not to sweat, these bicycles are operated on electricity. You can book them online and pick them up from the closest pick-up point. You can find the promotion code below.

Question your luck

Let’s start in a classic fashion with a lottery ticket! Nothing comes to mind? Well, when was the last time you put your luck to the test? Invest less than one Swiss Franc for your possibly big win is really not that much to spend, just give it a try. Off to the next kiosk!

A cup of lucky coffee, please!

Have you bought one already? Hold on, please stop scratching for a second! We are going to look for a nice place to do this. One in which your luck will reveal itself at its fullest splendor. I am imagining a nice place in a café, a nice waitress and then a cup of good luck. Hmmm, where could this be? Let me think! Oh, I know: in the Café GOLDKIND on Marktplatz 10. There, you can order a cup of lucky coffee. But I will not tell you anything more, let yourself be surprised – I promise you, it will surprise you (nothing for a 0815 coffee, this is a coffee with with a lucky explosion)! But just look at it yourself. And pay attention, while you are enjoying the lucky cup of coffee there, you can unveil in peace your lucky ticket … drum rrrrroll … and please do not supress the exclamations of excitement, so that all guests know that you are on the lucky tour.

Ready for a challenge?

I am very sure that you are smiling right now! Perfect! That is a must for the next challenge. Head up, chest out and then off you go to Bankgasse street. On Bankgasse your luck is waiting around every corner. Left, right, front, back. Don’t you believe me? But yes, of course it is, I mean: Hello? It is the BANKGASSE street! Run all the way on the street and smile at all your fellow human beings. I guarantee you that you will be blessed! Blessed with the reciprocation to your smile. Hey tell me, is your smile not twice as big as before? That makes you happy, right?

You make your own luck!

Oha, now wouldn’t you like to sit and take a proper bath in your own happiness? Nothing there yet – your luck has not been forget completely yet! And on we go. But before you go out, find a special coin in your wallet, take it in your hand and squeeze it tightly, put it in your pocket and then walk to the fountain Frongarten. Have you arrived already? So, take the coin out, hold it again tightly and think intensely about your luck! Voilà, off in the well with it: Throw it! Aaaand splash, just like that she settles down on the bottom of the fountain . Wuhuuu, how are you feeling right now? Are you smiling?

A bouquet of luck for you

Wow, you’re still in this– you’re a real luck chaser! Show that to the world! Being happy is all about colours and hues and as a symbol you can let an air balloon fly high in the sky. Whaaaat? Come on. Go back to childhood and make life a bit more colorful. In the Flippy Shop on Neumarkt you will find the largest balloon collection of the city. Take your time while browsing and gather balloons together to make for yourself a „lucky bouquet of balloons“. With the balloons you will give your joy to others, because by sharing happiness you will double it!

If you do not feel happier about the world, then please repeat all steps from the beginning. After all, everyone deserves a second chance, even luck! But I guess it was „lucky on the first tour“, right?

Promotional code Carvelo: Use for reservation the code 2420-4477-6754-7237 and take advantage of 10 CHF discount and 2,5 hours of a free ride. The code can be used by one person, one time.