Rietmann Traiteur St. Gallen

Rietmann Traiteur St. Gallen has been the go to adress for the culinary cold cuts specialties of the town of St. Gallen for more than 200 years.

ew cities from Switzerland can compare to the great tradition of the city of St. Gallen when it comes to producing such refined sausages and cold meat. OLMA-Bratwurst and the boiled sausages of St. Gallen are a whole concept across Switzerland. Rietmann Traiteur belong for more than 200 years to the most successful representatives of this highly prized art of cold meat cutting.

Featuring the best location in the city, near the market square, Rietmann Traiteur not only offers traditional specialties of St. Gallen but offers also top level national and international products in the culinary industry. Here you can find the best and freshest meat products from a verified source brought into a refined coldmeat store.

Monday to Friday: 7.30 am – 6.30 pm
Thursday: 7.30 am – 9 pm
Saturday: 7.30 am – 5 pm


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